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Katie Burgess

Welcome to English II

Mrs. Burgess  |  2019-2020


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What is English II? English II is a course designed to build upon the literature and language arts skills started last year in English I. All lessons will be geared towards building reading and writing skills needed to be a successful high school student and adult.

Supply List: 

- Binder

- Notebook Paper

- Writing Utensils

Course Requirements: All assignments will be worth 100 points. This course is weighted meaning that major assignments will be worth more than minor assignments. 

Tests (including major essays and projects)             40%

  • All tests will be worth 100 points.

Homework/Assignments                                           30%

  • Homework will be given at my discretion. Assignments are activities that consist of mostly individual work.

Daily Participation                                                      10%

  • Daily bellwork assignments as well as class participation will be graded each week.

Semester Test                                                             20%

  • Semester tests will be given the last two days of each semester and, per school policy, is counted for 20% of your overall grade. Semester tests may NOT be given early unless it is cleared through the office.

Assignment Submission: Each class has a designated basket in which assignments will be turned in. Google Classroom work will be submitted online. If you are absent, please check the absent work files.

Late Work: I accept late work for assignments. It will be put in as a 0 until it is completed correctly and turned in. I do NOT accept late work for major projects or bellwork.

Plagiarism and Academic Offenses: Claiming another’s work as your own (including cheating, copying, not recognizing the original author, etc.) will result in a 0 with no option to make up the assignment or test. The office may determine consequences as well.

Katie Burgess

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